Important movies

There aren’t that many movies that are good. Fewer still are important. Here’s my picks on the movies I think are important.

  • The Corporation
    The movie asks “If corporations are legal persons, what kind of people are they?”. If there’s one big thing the movie doesn’t talk about, it’s corporate influence on political campaigns. On the one hand, this is incredibly important, on the other hand the theatre edit of the movie for US audiences is 2.5 hours long and editing another segment would have cost more time and money. I recommend seeing the 3-hour 3-part documentary because you get time to discuss what you just saw with fellow viewers. In this form, another hour is not a problem to watch. The rBGH story is worth the price of admission all by itself. Reporters like Jane Akre and Steve Wilson are part of what we lose when more media enters fewer corporate hands.
  • Gandhi
    It’s interesting to see the difference between the treatment he received and how he reacted. It made me want to read more about his life and learn what the movie left out.

More as I think of them.