At least 100,000 Iraqi dead

According to an interview with Les Roberts on Democracy Now!:

  • The Pentagon may be collecting civilian death figures and keeping them secret.
  • A survey concluded that there is at least 100,000 Iraqi dead.

This is, of course, appalling but not surprising. And it still doesn’t come close to the estimate Secretary Albright gave of the deaths caused by Clinton’s continuation of the sanctions against Iraq. There, half a million Iraqi were said to be dead.

And if you choose Republican vs. Democrat, you get to say how many more should die because neither major party candidate wants to pull out (“can’t cut and run”). How many fewer Vietnamese dead would there be if people had pushed the pull out agenda sooner? It’s not a question of when the right time to pull out is, it’s a question of how quickly can people mobilize to prevent the war from starting in the first place and if that cause loses, how quickly can the public call for pull out.