The Democratic Party ValuSlide™: Buying the conclusion of a failed process

Dave Silver sets things straight on the handful of Democrats who questioned the Ohio election process:

“Without exception all of those representatives that made an electoral challenge, including John Conyers, Dennis Kucinich, Stephanie Tubbs Jones and yes Senator Boxer were quick to remind folks that they are not contesting the election outcome, that they accept the validity of the “recount” in Ohio but are unhappy about the glitches that took place on election day; Provisional ballots, long waiting lines, flawed machines and no paper trail. Legitimate objections for a not too fair election where every vote counts.

The call was for “election reform” and to get rid of the bad procedure, but never questioning the validity of the 2004 results.”

And Sen. Barack Obama, supported by people who largely don’t know what he does in office, will continue to coast into a job he’ll have to work to get to rid of. Sen. Obama didn’t even join this meager and illogical questioning of the Ohio election process.

Clearly the Democrats are not serving the values the progressive Left claim to stand for. My question is why so few progressives question the Democrats. You know just as well as I do that in 3 years the drums of conformancy and forgetfulness will be sounded and we will be encouraged to push aside what happened just in that time. When will voting for the least-worst bite the voters enough so that they’ll start supporting candidates who support their values?

2005-01-18 Update: Lance Selfa of the Socialist Worker has an interesting article in Counterpunch on the Democratic Party’s performance—largely standing with the Republicans on the Ohio vote or choosing not to be there to vote at all.