Obama disappoints…again?

Today, newly-elected Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) voted to endorse the nomination of Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State. The darling of the Democratic Party cast his vote after it was clear the ‘yeas’ (pronounced “yays”) would have it (and after a couple of ‘yea by proxy’ votes). The final vote from the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee was 16-2, Senators Kerry (D-MA) and Boxer (D-CA) against.

Speaking of Sen. Kerry, where was Kerry’s moxy on the campaign trail where it would have mattered?

2 thoughts on “Obama disappoints…again?

  1. Sen. Obama is smart.
    A vote against Rice (which would be meaningless)would be stupid and he would be answering for it in the future.
    BTW: Why would he want to “side” with No-Moxy-Kerry and Boxer? Both are losers outside of their cozy states.

  2. The US Congress has less turnover than the Politburo did under Stalin. Over 90% of Congressional seats don’t change hands and when they do, it is most likely to change to someone from the same party. US Congressional representatives have to do something profoundly dumb to get voted out of office. Obama’s seat is safe for him for as long as he wants it. With an apparently uncritical audience like the majority of Democratic Party supporters in Cook County who made him Senator, he’s not going to answer for anything—even voting to put a liar into high office…again. It is inconsistent to champion Sen. Boxer’s criticism of Rice (as so many on the Left do now) and continue to think highly of Sen. Obama.

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