The one-party state.

More recommended reading from Counterpunch: Alexander Cockburn’s article on how the Democrats and Republicans work together to further disenfranchise the entire country. Illinois residents and Democratic party supporters will want to take note of another vote Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) made:

“Near the end of February many Democrats in the House okayed a Republican bill to transfer large class action suits from state to federal courts. It’s the state courts that have awarded the big settlements against the tobacco and asbestos companies. Federal judges have consistently cut back the big awards. Transfer of the suits is a huge victory for the business lobby. Earlier in February the Senate passed the same bill 72 to 26. Among Democrats voting for a bill written by the Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers were such supposed bright hopes as Obama of Illinois, Salazar of Colorado, Bayh of Indiana, along with possible aspirants for the 2008 nomination as Dodd of Connecticut.”