Getting mad about the lack of an opposition party…for now.

Common Dreams is pretty worked up about the recent bankruptcy bill and about the “73 Democrats Who Sold Out Consumers”.

Please don’t forget to chastise Common Dreams when the Democrats are running for office and Common Dreams carries article after article on how we should let the Democrats run without asking them any tough questions or taking them to task for their voting record or campaign funding.

The Democrats are trying to bring in anti-abortion supporters, get the anti-war supporters to either shut up or leave, and somehow they think they’ll win elections? Or is it that it really doesn’t matter if they win elections because they can just wait for voters to become pissed off at Republicans and vote Democrat out of spite?

The real solution: let third parties and independents run, get on the ballot, and debate in real debates with their corporate-funded duopolistic competitors. Also, we need to get a ranked voting system (feel free to haggle over which method is appropriate: instant run-off, some Condorcet method, etc.) so we can get away from “a vote for X is a for for Y” (where X and Y are candidates of the Democrats and Republicans in the same race). The goal is to shift focus from personalities and on to policies.