Is the Democrat support machine revving up this early?

Cynthia Bogard claims that Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) is “still our last best hope for saving the nation“.

Bogard doesn’t fully come to terms with the reality that Sen. Kerry worked along side the other Democrats to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis during Pres. Clinton’s terms, or that Kerry and a majority of the Democrats supported Pres. Bush’s power to supersede Congressional oversight to make war anywhere (before the 2004 election, Kerry told the AP that he thought this power was proper for the President to have; I suspect he said this because he knows what a pain it can be to convince the public that war is a good idea). Instead Bogard calls Kerry’s support for the Iraq war “equivocation”—the use of ambiguous or uncertain language. No, he wasn’t hedging, he liked the invasion of Iraq and he should be identified as such.

Bogard says that “We are thrilled that you have decided to raise the Downing Street Memo with your colleagues in the Senate.”. Who is this “we”? I see the actions described in the memo as an unbroken line of aggression against Iraq. Apparently I’m not alone. Jeremy Scahill touches on this argument on today’s Democracy Now! (transcript). To have a Democrat now point out Bush’s foibles on this means that we have to be willing to put aside a huge bombing campaign and the Iraqi sanctions which killed 500,000 Iraqi children. Complaints coming from proponents of these acts are hard to interpret as a principaled condemnation of Bush. Bush does deserve impeachment and to be imprisoned, but so other US Presidents.