The cost of our war. has an important analysis of civilian deaths in Iraq which is very much worth reading.

Of course, be sure to keep up with the death count itself. Unfortunately, there is no fallback in place if you visit the site without Javascript turned on.

As I write this, says there are between 23,140 and 26,189 deaths. These deaths are on our hands.

Also worth hearing is this week’s Counterspin which features an informative interview with and the latest on how corporate-funded “news” harms you (both in headlines and the segment after the segment). Sadly, this archive only hosts copies in the patent-encumbered MP3 and the proprietary RealAudio formats. For those of you who run free software systems in countries which are saddled with software patents, perhaps a friend of yours would help you transcode the MP3 into a format you can play on your free software system. I remain hopeful that FAIR will host copies in Ogg Vorbis or upload copies of shows to The Internet Archive so that FAIR doesn’t bear the burden of paying for the bandwidth bill.