How about not giving the Democrats the power to screw you?

Molly Ivins urges her readers to get Bill Moyers into Democratic Party debates so that Moyers can not only show them what it [a spine] looks like and indeed what it is, but also how people respond to it. A guiding unstated principle of her article is that the Democrats can be reformed from within.

We’ve been shown time and again that this is how the Democrats end up getting votes. Here’s a better idea: stop buying into the corporate duopoly that screws you every 2 years. Stop believing that the Democrats will be your salvation. They depend on that to survive and pass laws which seriously adversely affect you. Stop giving the Democrats the power to railroad you into bankruptcy and get your kids killed or incarcerated in wars (including the ongoing “War on Drugs”).

Consider all of the candidates based on their voting records (or writings if they’ve never held elective office before) and their campaign funding (that tells you who their masters are). Write to them and complain about their stance when they don’t agree with you (which implicitly tells them that they are being watched).

Challenge the Democrats for overwhelmingly backing the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, backing away from universal single-payer health care, and supporting bad worker law (like the Taft-Hartley Act). Complain about how the Democrats and Republicans work to exclude competition from the so-called TV “debates” where third-party and independent candidates are kept from appearing by ridiculously high barriers to entry.