You need to see “The Corporation”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Corporation is one of the most underrated movies. I concur with C. Middleton who said

I believe this is one of the best and most important documentary films to be made in many years.

This is an extraordinary film about the creation of the American corporation, its legal organizational model, its global economic dominance and its psychopathic tendencies, and its incredible ambition to influence every aspect of culture in its unrelenting pursuit of profit.

After viewing this film, it becomes all too evident that these large corporations have too much power, whose mandate is not the common good of the people, and who will go to any lengths, legally and otherwise, in the pursuit of profit and the bottom line.

This is one of very few movies I can watch multiple times. When I return to it I find intelligent questions and responses. If anything, this movie (in its 3-hour form) is too short as some questions go unanswered. The movie holds my attention for the duration and I want to see more.

For instance, the movie covered Arcata, CA capping the number of chain restaurants in their city to nine. But the speaker list in the movie didn’t include someone asking where the crap-wage jobs would go, jobs that more chain restaurants would have brought in. These aren’t jobs one can raise a family on, these aren’t jobs that provide health care, vacation time, paid sick leave, and other amenities we all deserve. However they are jobs. It would have been nice to hear the articulate people that spoke go back and forth on this. I don’t know if this came up, but it seems to me something we could benefit from hearing about.

The examples the movie brings to bear cannot be dismissed: A man getting a desperately-needed pancreas as a result of Michael Moore’s former TV show “The Awful Truth” embarrassing the man’s HMO into paying for a pancreas transplant, Bechtel owning all of the water in Cochabamba, Maj. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler‘s work paving the way for many big businesses international expansion and the planned corporate coup to overthrow the US government, and who could forget the story about the Monsanto bovine growth hormone Posilac and how reporters Jane Akre and Steve Wilson contravened the FOX news network.

I fear that by the time a majority of Americans become more cognizant of the messages and history presented in this movie we will have suffered millions more needless deaths and seen even greater impoverishment.