Senator Lieberman claiming he’s the victim of “dirty political tricks at its worst”?

Ironically Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman’s campaign is claiming he’s the victim of dirty political tricks at its worst. A good memory can provide the hat-trick that turns this into an amusing anecdote for your friends.

Extra bonus points to those who can connect the dots in the first and last items.

  1. Do you think Joe Lieberman remembers not supporting the Black congresspeople who tried to address the voting irregularities in the 2000 US presidential election? I do. The scene was recounted early in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 if you didn’t see it live on C-SPAN.
  2. I can still remember watching President of the Senate Al Gore gavel black Congressional representatives off the podium for daring to mention that there was a problem in the election that needed to be addressed immediately. Gore, or his former running mate Sen. Joe Lieberman, could have provided the signature needed to allow those representatives to be heard, but neither signed.

  3. Do you remember when, near the eve of losing his primary, a Lieberman campaign adviser said there was some anti-semitism because polls were indicating Ned Lamont’s campaign was gaining interest? The New York Times reported:
  4. Some of Mr. Lieberman’s supporters say there is a strain of anti-Semitism in the antiwar left that could make Jewish voters uneasy about supporting Mr. Lamont.

    There’s a small but vocal pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel and perhaps anti-Semitic faction of the Democratic Party, said Dan Gerstein, a former Lieberman aide and informal adviser to the campaign. It is a small minority but it is getting bolder, and even worse. There is a growing tolerance of it in the progressive community.

  5. Now Lieberman’s re-election campaign is trying to convince you it’s wrong when people want him delisted as a Democrat for running as a non-Democrat. Apparently Section 9-61 of Chapter 143 of the Connecticut state statutes say that a Democrat’s party afffiliation is to be stricken or excluded for two years if a Democratic party candidate runs for office as a candidate of a different party.
  6. The activists Monday insisted they were operating independently of the Lamont campaign. The Lieberman camp, on the other hand, characterized the move as a purge campaign launched by Ned Lamont’s supporters that constituted dirty political tricks at its worst, ranking up there with the outrageous tactics that Katherine Harris and the Republicans used in 2000 in Florida to stop all the votes from being counted.

    Lieberman campaign manager Sherry Brown issued the statement. ‚ÄúThis kind of ridiculous, partisan game-playing is not going to provide anyone in Connecticut with better jobs, better health care, or better schools,” she stated. “All it’s going to do is deepen our divisions and add to voters’ frustration with our broken political system.

    And apparently Joe Lieberman isn’t going to help Connecticut residents get these things either. The money the US spent on killing Arabs could have instead gone toward better schools and universal health care.