30 Days of DRM

Prof. Michael Geist is the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa. Prof. Geist is working on 30 Days of DRM where each day for 30 days he brings something new to your attention in an attempt to examine the restrictions and limitations the Canadian government should include if Canada adopts a DMCA-like law.

Here’s hoping no other countries get a DMCA-like law and the countries that have them overturn these laws immediately. What’s in this for you, as an ordinary computer user? A law that will give copyright holders the ability to enact digital copy restriction systems that never expires (even if the underlying copyrighted work eventually enters the public domain); copy restriction programs that are illegal to circumvent or to tell anyone how to circumvent.

Your freedom of speech is at issue, as is your ability to use what you legally obtained in a way that benefits you preserving your works, your culture, and your investment in others’ copyrighted works.