We should bird-dog more congressional members.

CODEPINK’s latest essay on “bird-dogging” Sen. Hillary Clinton is worth reading; it exposes some of the little-known myths about Clinton’s record:

It turns out that Hillary has done a tremendous job””of getting New York Democrats to assume that because right-wing Republicans hate her she must oppose the war. Most New York Democratic voters also don’t realize that she co-sponsored an amendment to ban flag-burning, is against marriage equality for gays and lesbians, supports the death penalty, votes consistently for Star Wars appropriations and has served on the board of Wal-Mart for six years. Yet, she is consistently touted as the “liberal Democrat from New York.”

This essay also silently exposes another myth supported by many progressives—voting for someone based on their sex is sexism:

One woman reminded us that Hillary was a feminist who wore sandals in college and suggested that as women and feminists we should be supporting her.

Putting more women into office because they are women is a bad idea and dodges examination on the issues. It’s a good idea to put more women into office when their record or political past merits support, their campaign funds come from individuals (not corporations or PACs), and they currently support sound policy. The same applies to men as well, of course.

Why is Sen. Clinton’s career worth keeping tabs on if you’re not from New York? Because she’s widely considered to be a candidate for the Democratic party nominee for US President.