Editing Archive now watchable anywhere, on any OS, using free media codecs.

Editing Archive runs Anime 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They recently switched to using Ogg Vorbis + Theora — in plain language, this means you can watch anime and anime-related fare on any computer operating system all day every day (Direct Ogg Theora feed).

One of the most interesting things you can find on Editing Archive is another instance of what some call “remix culture”: derivative works, in copyright lingo; art based on other art: Anime music videos.

In Japan, I’m told, one can find comics where characters from one series appear doing things they would not ordinarily do. It’s not considered copyright infringement, it’s a time-honored practice and it satiates the audience’s desire to see their favorite characters behave differently. It’s called “doujinshi”. The audience for the (I hesitate to say) original and all the variants thrive commercially. I hesitate to say “original” because the doujinshi have to have something sufficiently different (also known as originality) to be called doujinshi. Law professor Lawrence Lessig covers this in his book “Free Culture” and in an article for Red Herring.

Another world is possible.