Who benefits from a useless TSA/Boarding Pass ID check?

Make your own boarding passMake your own boarding pass and find out. That site

will produce a boarding pass good enough to get anyone past TSA, and thus, into the “secure” gate areas of the airport terminal.

Note that this will not be a valid pass, so it will not get you on the airplane. For that, you need to actually buy a ticket.

Why would you want one of these?

  1. To meet your elderly grandparents at the gate
  2. To ‘upgrade’ yourself once on the airplane – by printing another boarding pass for a ticket you’re already purchased, only this time, in Business Class.
  3. Just to demonstrate that the TSA Boarding Pass/ID check is useless.

And read on for recipes to skirt the no-fly list.

Spend your time on the plane contemplating who benefits from the so-called “war on terror” and why it, like the American “war on drugs”, will never end and has nothing to do with keeping you safe.