On the trouble of telling tweedledee they’re no better than tweedledum, or why you shouldn’t settle for a two-headed one-party country.

Jeff Taylor writes in Counterpunch:

The Bush administration has overreached. Years of incompetence, deceit, and hypocrisy have caught up with it, and the President’s lackeys in Congress are going to pay a price on Election Day. If Democrats take over the House and/or Senate, it will be by default. It will be because Republicans deserve to lose, not because Democrats deserve to win. In fact, both parties deserve to lose, but at the moment Republicans more richly deserve to lose. Also, with a two-party system there is no easy way for Americans to register their displeasure with the tweedledee party in power other than voting for the tweedledum party out of power.

When you lose competition, you lose leverage. The Democrats and Republicans know how and when to collude to frame a debate and survive. Please investigate write-in candidates, so-called “third party” candidates, and independents in all races. Take their candidacies seriously and tell the Democrat/Republican alternatives why your vote shouldn’t be taken for granted.