How Corporate Media Fights Criticism: Spocko and KSFO

Blogger “Spocko” recorded and cited instances where Disney-owned Just say no to Disney KSFO-AM radio hosts Brian Sussman, Melanie Morgan, and Tom Brenner called for tortures and killings, used racist language, and aired speech against KSFO advertisers. Visa pulled their ads due to Spocko’s involvement and now apparently Disney fears that more advertisers will pull their ads too. Disney has threatened to sue Spocko for copyright infringement. Disney pulled Spocko’s blog offline for a while, but it has returned. Some of the audio clips, however, are not available on his blog. I’ve rescued the clips I could find so you could hear them for yourself.

While I can appreciate the tactic Spocko is using to bring change here (asking KSFO advertisers if this is what they want their brand name linked with), maintaining the image of a brand simply isn’t as important as threatening violence or death (ethically speaking or, less importantly, legally speaking). However, Spocko’s plan allows these advertisers to help with Spocko’s legal costs by contributing to the Electronic Frontier Foundation which is defending Spocko against Disney.

Daily KOS has more on this story.

Audio clips of the aforementioned KSFO hosts in Ogg Vorbis format.