DNC PR head is an RIAA shill

Let Boing Boing take you through a few choice quotes from Jenni Engebretsen, the RIAA’s Director of Communications who is now the head of public relations for the Democratic National Convention. Also, Boing Boing has more on the shill’s avoidance of difficult issues including:

The liberal blogosophere is united on many fronts — not just disliking US foreign policy. We also hate the RIAA — for suing our friends, for lobbying for laws that suspend due process rights of the accused (the RIAA’s favorite law, the DMCA, was used by Diebold to suppress information about failures in its voting machines), and for demanding the right to “pretext” (commit wire fraud) in order to catch “pirates.”

Worse still, the RIAA are part of the initiative to corrupt net neutrality, imposing centralized controls on the transmission of information across the network.

However I should add that I don’t agree with “liberals” on some issues, their love for proprietary software for instance.