Shutting out the competition: Compatible goals or conspiracy?

Sen. Mike Gravel and Rep. Dennis Kucinich rightly identify Senators Hillary Clinton and John Edwards conspiring to narrow the Democratic Party contenders at the NAACP Democrat forum in Detroit on 2007 July 12. When the senators thought they were off-mic they had a brief but frank discussion about eliminating their competition:

Edwards: We should try to have a more serious, and a smaller, group.

Clinton: There was an attempt by our campaigns to do that, it got, somehow, detoured. We’ve gotta get back to it. Our guys should talk.

Sen. Clinton is practiced in whittling down competition by not debating them. Not long ago she used anti-democratic techniques to retain her Senate seat against anti-war candidates in New York.

But they couldn’t get away with this without the complicit mainstream media. Showing more of their shameful attitude, the New York Times is there to join the conspirators. Which side the Times is on is all too clear when one skims

their sidebar on “The 2008 Race”. Not that I expected better from the paper that runs sourceless headline articles about WMD in Iraq and then lets those reporters leave of their own accord.

I guess we just can’t afford to have people’s candidacies weighed on the value of their ideas. What is it the Progressive Left argues every other election cycle? This election cycle must be “too important” for that…again.