Hello from the XO!

Hello Digital Citizen readers from the XO, an impressive new free software laptop for children all over the world.

I’ve recently received my XO, installed the battery, powered it up, and I’m on my way to doing all sorts of things with it. This machine comes with a free software operating system so it teaches great social values as well as educates on a number of other topics (making music, getting around the World Wide Web, editing text, and more stuff I haven’t tried yet).

I think children will love exploring this machine and its software. I look forward to trying more stuff out if I can pry it away from someone who has already claimed ownership of the machine I’m using right now.

Give an XO, get an XO!

Needless to say, I disagree with those who would rank someone else’s needs. I’m sure that Americans would not agree with others ranking their needs: you don’t deserve unpolluted air until you eliminate poverty and grant everyone their voting rights. All Americans deserve all these things and plenty of other things too such as universal single-payer health care. Kids in far-off places need potable water, good food, computers with free software, and plenty of other things too. Dictating the order in which they get them is just a means of delaying delivery of said items (ever notice how those who would rank others lives in such a way never have practical means of delivering the things they claim kids need). The children will teach each other and the teachers how to use the XO. We don’t need to rank one group (ostensibly adult teachers) before another (children).