Big Buck Bunny is out

The folks behind “Elephant’s Dream” have released “Big Buck Bunny“, a 10 minute animated short. According to the BBB website, everything on the 2-DVD set is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 so you can share and build upon anything you find on the discs.

The movie is very well done and the outtakes are quite funny. You can also get a copy of the latest Blender animation software and all the art used in the movie so you can build on it and make something else. This 2-disc set is well worth the money. As soon as they start collecting for the next movie, I’m on board to buy early and get an entry in the credits.

Download the complete DVD containing the movie and lots of extras

NTSC DVD ISO (MD5SUM: 966758b02da2c5c183ab7de2e0a5e96b)—If you watch this in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, or Taiwan, you probably want the NTSC DVD image file.
Get it from the Internet Archive
PAL DVD ISO (MD5SUM: cb67e9bc8e97b9d625e7cd7ee0d85e08)—If you watch this in Europe, China, or Australia, you probably want the PAL DVD image file.
Get it from the Internet Archive

Download the movie for your computer

Which DVD image file should I download?

See a map of which countries use which television broadcast standard:
Map of the world highlighting which regions use which video encoding standard.

How do I burn the DVD image file to a DVD so I can watch it on my TV?

You can read Ubuntu GNU/Linux’s handy reference on how to burn a DVD then watch your DVD on any DVD player. The way you burn the movie file with most graphical burning programs is substantially similar to how you burn data DVD discs.

You can also watch the movie without burning a DVD using mplayer, VideoLAN Client, and some other movie players. VideoLAN Client will read any of the files above, whether it’s a DVD image file or an Ogg Vorbis+Theora movie file. VideoLAN Client comes with the DVD image file and runs on most modern operating systems.

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