Ralph Nader remembers Peter Miguel Camejo

Ralph Nader remembers a champion of social justice and former running-mate Peter Miguel Camejo. Camejo died this past Saturday, as his gubernatorial website put it, “due to the aggressiveness of his cancer and the strength of the drugs used to combat his disease”.

I remember seeing Peter Camejo on TV in 2003 debate to become California’s governor in the recall election. I was impressed: He spoke with concision and eloquence, made Progressive arguments for social ills—not surprisingly the same list of ideas Ralph Nader defends in his current presidential campaign. I also remember laughing as Arianna Huffington referred to Camejo as a “spoiler” in a televised debate while they were competing against hundreds of other candidates, some of whom were invited to be part of that debate. In late September 2003 I enjoyed a small bit of schadenfreude when she dropped out and he continued his candidacy to the end of the race. I’m glad I voted for him for US Vice President.

2 thoughts on “Ralph Nader remembers Peter Miguel Camejo

  1. Ralph Nader is running for U.S President. If anyone can think of someone who has establish a better proven record of public first, public safety, and fighting corruption than him, let’s hear about this individual, as it sure isn’t Obama!

    It wasn’t even Bush…

    And it isn’t McCain too…

    Hillary already had her chance to speak up before, for Universal Health coverage, and did nothing when she had the power…

    Only Ralph is independent from the corporate sponsors… and he shouldn’t be hushed, pushed out, without even so much as a debate….

    It’s not even democratic to refuse the first Amendment right which we hold dear, right?

  2. I think Hillary Clinton did some work on health care…for the HMOs. She continues to work in their interest today by making sure that the American public doesn’t get what they’ve long wanted—universal single-payer health care. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sen. Obama’s health care plan keeps HMOs intact and in power.

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