gNewSense GNU/Linux 2.2 update CD is out

gNewSense GNU/Linux, a free software operating system based on a variant of the GNU operating system with the Linux kernel, is out with a new CD which contains all security updates made to the system through April 14, 2009.

Why would I want a free operating system?

You deserve software freedom, the freedom to share and modify your computer software. Even if you never alter any of the software’s source code it’s good to know that others improve the software and inspect it for problems. It’s good to know that you can distribute copies of free software to anyone you want without fear of being called a “pirate” or sneaking around. You can help your community by sharing software. If you’re more technical, you can help yourself by more fully understanding the software you depend on.

What kind of computer do I need to try this?

You need an Intel or AMD compatible system. Most typical home computers should work with this.

Where can I get gNewSense GNU/Linux

You can download it

You can download the ISO file, burn it to a CD, and try it on your computer (reboot your computer with the burned disc in the drive) to see if it works with your hardware. Running the system from CD will make the system run slower than it would installed but you’ll get to see what works using your computer without losing any of the data installed on your computer.

In case you’re unfamiliar with ISO files and burning bootable discs read some CD/DVD burning instructions.ref=