gNewSense 2.3 released

Congratulations to the gNewSense GNU/Linux hackers for putting out another release!

If you’re looking for a fully-free software GNU/Linux distribution for your Intel-compatible personal computer (most are such computers), download this disc image and give gNewSense a try. gNewSense is a complete operating system based on the GNU OS and the Linux kernel. gNewSense most closely resembles the Ubuntu GNU/Linux system but gNewSense is fully free software out of the box, no special install needed so you are free to inspect, run, share, and modify the software should you wish to.

You can download the software here or from the gNewSense website. The complete source code is available as well (locally or from the gNewSense website).

First time burning a CD? No problem, here’s some help on how to do it and verify the results.

If you wish to verify your download, here’s the relevant MD5SUM data:

897d81b3c2493b4779dea45d6b7f041c gnewsense-livecd-deltah-i386-2.3.iso
5b031d62952de343666ffd40d4ceda05 gnewsense-cdsource-deltah-i386-2.3.tar

If you’ve already got gNewSense and you want to update to this release, you should be able to use the normal update mechanism.