gNewSense GNU/Linux deltah 2.1 is out

Download and try gNewSense GNU/Linux, an operating system that contains nothing but free software! Even the drivers for all the devices this system supports are free software. You can test drive gNewSense before you install it and see what a completely free computer operating system can do for you. This CD is an updated version of the gNewSense GNU/Linux system I discussed before.

How do I burn the CD image file to a CD so I can try it out?

You can read Ubuntu GNU/Linux’s handy reference on how to burn an ISO file (keep in mind that the process is the same for burning a CD except you use a blank CD-R instead of a blank DVD).

Then put the burned CD back in your computer, reboot your computer, and you’ll most likely boot straight into gNewSense GNU/Linux on a trial basis—nothing on your computer is modified—so you can test out gNewSense GNU/Linux before you decide to install it.

To install gNewSense GNU/Linux, simply double-click the “install” icon on the screen and follow the on-screen directions.

Where do I get the ISO file I need to burn?

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