Happy 25th Birthday, GNU!

The GNU operating system is 25 years old this year! Stephen Fry has a celebratory video where he explains software freedom in a very non-technical and accessible way. The video is licensed to share and available in multiple free formats, of course. The GNU webpage where you can find copies of the movie already has a French translation and subtitled versions available, no doubt as a result of these freedoms.

I run gNewSense GNU/Linux on my computers and I also run a Fedora GNU/Linux system with a free software kernel. I only install free software on my computers. I hope to write a document to help make it easier for novices to install a completely free software Linux kernel on their Fedora GNU/Linux systems. For now, if you’re interested in installing Fedora GNU/Linux and using a completely free software kernel, write me and I’ll help you get that set up.

gNewSense comes with nothing but free software right out of the box (so to speak), so no modifications are needed to preserve your software freedom. Just boot a live CD (to try the OS before you install it), run the installer program on the desktop, and run your computer in freedom.

If you can’t get the video from any of the mirrors on the GNU website, feel free to grab copies from this website:

Movie files

In English

En Français

Audio-only files

In English